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Green Earth :: About Green Earth

About Green Earth

My name is David La Luzerne and I received my degree in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin in 1972 and became a licensed pharmacist the following year. I was studying pharmacy during the turbulent times of the Vietnam War. Madison was roiling with anti-war demonstrations, student strikes, teach-ins, and intense physical confrontations with police, culminating in the bombing of the Army Math Research Center on campus and the death of a student researcher. It was a time to stop and reflect about the political system as well as the health care system in our country.

I became disenchanted with the health care systems reliance on the use of drugs and surgery to "cure" illness. I felt that perhaps the best way to use my pharmaceutical knowledge would be to convince people that there was a better, safer and, more effective way to take care of their health. Ultimately, people are responsible for their own health. I realized that under the best of circumstances, an individual had contact with the health care system for mere minutes on a regular basis. The rest of the time they were on their own. In fact, I realized that we don't really have a health care system, what we have is a "sick care" system. Most of your contact with the system is when you are sick – how often do you use the system when you are healthy?

I also saw that there was a way to maintain your health and treat your illnesses with the simple, well-documented throughout history, self-care method of using herbs. I have spent the past 25 years learning about, using, and teaching about the use of herbs.

I incorporated Green earth Enterprises in 1990. I had spent the 1980s filling prescriptions at a pharmacy cooperative in Madison. I was selling drugs (albeit in a more socially responsible way) and hassling with insurance companies and drug companies. And I was becoming more and more disillusioned with "the system". I came to realize that to make a real difference I needed to break out of that mold and start helping people like you get hooked on herbs instead of drugs (by prescription or off the street, it didn't really seem to be much different).

So here I am, 20 years later, selling my herbs and calling myself an herbal pharmacist. My wife, Lynn, has been my partner through this whole time. We once operated three stores in the Madison area, but have settled into just one. The pace is easier, and I have more time to spend with people like you who want to find out about the wonderful green plants that can help us maintain our health and treat our illnesses.

My latest passion is video production. I believe one way to reach and teach more people about herbs is through the "visual word". I have been taping, editing, and producing a ½ hour program I call HerbTV for the past 3 years. It airs weekly on the local cable access channel in Madison. I have begun compiling those programs onto DVDs that I am offering for sale on this website. I also will be producing more educational videos with professional herbalist. Two of the DVD selections are videos I produced with Minnesota herbalist Matthew Wood. Look for more of these and some with other herbalists in the future. You can view short outtakes of the videos on the HerbTV section of this site.

Lynn's main passion is her pottery. She has been "potting" for over 35 years and her work is excellent. Please take some time to look at the pieces she is offering for sale on this website.

I hope you find the herbal information on the site useful. I believe the products we offer you here are all of good quality and fairly priced. Thanks for reading this and I hope you become a customer of Green Earth!